Elevate In-Store Experiences

Storecasting from Simply Magic Productions allows you to broadcast integrated customized audio ads or messages with your choice of background music to customers within your establishment. Storecasting will transform your background music ambience into a dynamic environment with message enhancement.

Capitalize on your most captive market…..your in‐store clients. Benefit from the fact that 66% of all purchasing decisions are made on impulse and your retailers will profit from the fact that Storecasting advertising can influence nearly 81% of all buying decisions that are made in-­store and on average delivers a 5% to 25% sales increase on promoted products. You will enjoy the advantage of influencing product sales, reinforcing your brand and informing customers and staff on a schedule tailored to meet the clients needs.

Scalable (single or multi-­site) Storecasting solutions deliver the flexibility to offer unique programming by store or region, with easy centralized control.

Customized solutions are our specialty.

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