Digital Signage

Get your product, site, or brand in front of as many of the right people as possible

Digital Signage (DS) is a powerful medium that organizations are leveraging to better communicate their brand attributes to employees and customers; provide timely and meaningful service and product information; and add revenue streams through advertising and co branding initiatives. DS is an emerging advertising market at POP (in-­‐ store) and under-­‐distributed, giving it room for growth. It has an immediate direct impact on sales and brand.

Today, consumers are TV savvy and conditioned to absorb information via this familiar format. They are also exposed to print signage on a daily basis. Unlike traditional television and print signage, however, DS delivers multi-­‐sensory experiences to the viewer not limited to sight, sound, smell and touch. By nature DS is dynamic and engaging. It can elicit provocative, emotive, conscious and subliminal responses all at once, which translates into tangible results. DS positively enhances the retail experience for consumers.

Point-­‐of-­‐purchase DS performs its function like print signage material, only better. DS screens are strategically placed in locations based on traffic patterns, shopping habits and consumer behaviours. The advantages of DS include the ability to change content, schedule day parting and deliver customized content to specific consumer demographics. DS is a strong complement to other marketing initiatives, acting in tandem to support the overall mixture of selling tools. By working in concert with these other tools DS will prove successful in driving sales.

DS provides an interactive customer experience which delivers tailored advertising campaigns to retail points across multiple locations from a single PC. Customers realized decreased costs in printing, shipping and placement of traditional advertising, while potentially realizing increased sales through increased “ad time.”

Music and video have been shown to affect:

– Customer’s perception of the business

– The duration of the customer stay

– Perception of time spent waiting for service

– Customer service performance and satisfaction

– In store purchase decisions

When personalized to the needs of a particular business, DS’s impact is increased exponentially -­‐ creating a positive impact on revenue. What are your waiting for? Contact Simply Magic Productions today!

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