Message On Hold

Transform Wait Time into Engagement

Simply Magic Productions treats the HOLD Button. New customer acquisition costs are 5 times that of selling to an existing customer. Companies work at creating market demand only to run the risk of losing a prospect when a potential customer is put on hold. Telephonetic’s Voice Managed Services create a positive customer experience by marketing to customers effectively and efficiently while they are on hold. The MOH Customer Experience is an integral component to the long term success of our key markets. The 70/30 MOH rule applies (70% are put on hold, 30% don’t call back); companies runs the risk of losing 21 % of their prospects/customers if not properly managed.

When personalized to the needs of a particular business or market segment, your marketing strategy can be increased exponentially resulting in:

· New sales

· Increased cross-sell opportunities

· Improved caller retention

· Enhanced company image

Worry free with no legal risks – Know that your business is being properly managed with no concerns about copyrights or tariffs for broadcasting on the Public Telephone Network and Public environments as all of our product subscriptions are fully licensed on your behalf.

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