Optimize Caller Experience: Elevate your auto attendant and IVR systems with our tailored voice solutions

Customers quickly realize that the planning, designing, and implementing (PDI) their new IP Telephony Systems IVR/AA is not trivial. However, planning the call flow can differentiate you from your competitor. By having access to North America’s largest AA/IVR/MOH studios, you ensure that your Avaya System sounds the best it can be.

Most partners can easily set up baseline call flow functionality, ensuring that “1” and “2” routes the calls appropriately. When the IVR/AA answers that important customer’s call, how is that call treated and how does that sound to your customer’s customer? Is it casting a good first impression? Does it appear professional or amateurish? Is it “Mary’s” voice who really does not want to be on there, or one of your more expensive technicians because there was no one available for recordings on the day of installation? The IVR/AA installation can also take up valuable time with all the re-­‐recordings because “Mary” does not like the way her voice sounds.

By allowing Simply Magic Productions to facilitate this process, your corporate image will be transformed overnight. Your new system will be optimally designed and professionally produced, bolstering your corporate image. This is an enormous competitive differentiator!

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